Aaron Hernandez’s Lawyer Blames Bill Belichick for His Crime Spree for an Insane Reason


​Here’s another interesting take on the tragic tale of ​Aaron Hernandez.

In his new book, Hernandez lawyer Jose Baez pointed his finger Bill Belichick and the ​Patriots for his client’s criminal history and eventual downfall.

According to Baez, Hernandez asked for a trade in 2013 after receiving threatening messages from a friend, Alexander Bradley, but Belichick and the Patriots organization rejected the idea. Baez believes that things would have been different for Hernandez if the team took his trade request seriously.

Would that really have changed anything, though? Definitely not.

With all of the trouble Hernandez got himself into throughout his life, simply moving to the other side of the country wouldn’t have solved his predicament. His deep, serious issues with guns, violence, and the unfortunate company he kept would have followed him wherever he went.

We all know the story about the tight end, where he was found guilty for first-degree murder and eventually committed suicide in his cell. Maybe Hernandez really wouldn’t have taken a man’s life if he had extricated himself from the northeastern United States, but it is ridiculous and unfair for Baez to blame the Patriots or Bill Belichick for the stunning crimes his deceased client committed.


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