Aaron Rodgers Reveals He Spent Time in Mississippi With Brett Favre This Offseason


Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Packers legend Brett Favre may be friends now, but 13 years ago when Rodgers was drafted, they were far from it.

Favre made it publicly known that when ​Rodgers was drafted he had no business grooming him because it wasn’t in his contract and that, “hopefully he watches me and gets something from that.” Well, things have changed.

The two have solved their differences in recent years, with the two publicly coming out and talking about what happened and now, they seem to be hanging out at Favre’s house.

On the Wilde and Tausch podcast, ​Rodgers talked about how the two spent quality time together at Favre’s House in Hattiesburg, Miss., and even used the opportunity to crack a joke about how a video of the hangout might appear at some point.

Here, you can take a closer look at the feud that caused the rift in the Green Bay Packers organization.

Whatever happened behind the scenes, I think we can all agree that it’s great to see two NFL legends finally come to terms and figure things out. It makes the game better.


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