Aaron Rodgers Swimming With a Shark Might Give Packers Fans a Heart Attack


​I mean, mad respect for having this kind of guts, but Packers fans would rather he chill out a little bit.

​Aaron Rodgers, superstar quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, went swimming with sharks recently for the upcoming Shark Week celebrations and gave his fans a dramatic picture on Instagram.

MY goodness.


His caption read, “This is me. This is a shark. This is on shark week in July. Check us out! #sharkweek #savethesharks#fearintofascination #tbt.”

​​​Rodgers does seem to be squirming a little bit as the shark approaches, but it can’t be nearly as much as the Pack fans who see this picture.

​The quarterback’s brilliantly nonchalant “This is me. This is a shark” was followed by a multitude of comments from Green Bay faithful expressing their hope that the future Hall of Famer keeps himself and his arm safe.

Their fear is understandable, considering the fact that Rodgers essentially single-handedly determines how well this Packers team will do. Not to say that nobody else contributes, but come on, we all know this guy is the key to the team’s success.

​Rodgers’ post indicates that he did indeed stay safe throughout his intense deep sea encounter, but Packers fans would still prefer it if he didn’t scare them like this.


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