Antonio Brown Sharing Old JuJu Smith-Schuster DM on Instagram is Incredibly Petty and a New Low


Can someone go check on Antonio Brown and make sure that he’s still got all his mental faculties about him? Because his behavior of late is not the kind you expect to see from someone who’s firmly got both feet on the ground and their head out of the clouds.

Yes, ​Sunday’s Twitter meltdown, in which he came off as an immature and hypocritical bum in his attempts to elevate himself and trash former ​Steelers teammate ​JuJu Smith-Schuster, was gross and uncalled for. But now, the new ​Oakland Raider is ratcheting things up further, publicizing a private Instagram message he got from JuJu back in 2015 when the kid was still in college:

​​Okay, now we’re digging up an old DM from back when JuJu was *checks notes* 18 years old? And to do what, exactly? The message is earnest and deferential. There are no holes to poke here.

For the record, here’s Brown’s caption for this post:

For someone who brazenly insisted that folks should keep their emotions off the internet, dude has a strange way of showing that his own emotions are totally, 100% in check.

This man is losing it before our very eyes. It’s almost as if he’s attempting to prove through a series of methodical steps ​that he’s unfit to wear an ​NFL jersey.

That much we know. The only question is what fresh hell he’ll rain down on all of us tomorrow.


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