Bills Quarterback AJ McCarron Suffers Collarbone Fracture


​If you’re all aboard the Josh Allen hype train, today’s news isn’t as bad as it could possibly be. But if you fear the stinking specter of Nathan Peterman — and you should — this could be a big, big problem. Early on in tonight’s ​preseason tilt with the Browns, Buffalo quarterback AJ McCarron suffered what was later determined to be a hairline fracture in his collarbone.

​​Not exactly something the Bills faithful wanted to hear.

It’s not known how long McCarron will be held out, but collarbone issues are no joke. Just ask the Packers, whose entire 2017 season was derailed when Aaron Rodgers broke his. That means there’s all the more pressure on ​Allen to mature faster than originally intended.

In a division routinely dominated by the Patriots, this just makes Buffalo’s task that much harder if they hope to return to the playoffs.


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