Cowboys Are Who They Thought They Were Offensively and That’s a Huge Problem


There were plenty of reasons to be worried going into this season if you’re a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. Sure, they have some talented pieces, but they are far from a perfect team.

This is especially the case on offense, which was seen when it mattered most in Sunday’s 16-8 loss on the road against the Carolina Panthers.

The Cowboys have their work ahead of them this season in trying to find new preferred targets. Holdover receiver Cole Beasley had a decent showing, reeling in seven passes for 77 yards. However, the absences of Dez Bryant and Jason Witten were all too clear.

Bryant and Witten were Prescott’s two top targets in the past, especially in the red zone. Out of Prescott’s 45 career touchdown passes, 21 of those went to those two. But now, with that duo having departed and defenses giving less opportunities to ‚ÄčEzekiel Elliott near the end zone, Prescott needs to find new players to trust.

He doesn’t have that right now. And it showed today in Charlotte.

Besides Beasley, Deonte Thompson had the second-most receiving yards on the team with a paltry 27. New acquisition Allen Hurns had just one reception for 20 yards, and tight end Geoff Swaim only had 18 yards.

Not to mention that ‚Äčthe Cowboys released the second-most accurate kicker in NFL history in order to cut costs only to see their new kicker miss a crucial field goal attempt. Things aren’t looking too good in Dallas, and it’s easy to see why. They have deep issues on offense, and not a lot of time to fix them.


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