Los Angeles Chargers Reportedly Bought Over 350k Fake Twitter Followers Since Moving Team


With the Los Angeles Rams already in town and already having a fan base somewhat in tact, it was slated to be a tough task trying to drum up interest in enough people to come out and see the Chargers play after they decided to move from San Diego. In a city with 3.976 million people in it, it shouldn’t have been hard to get fans out to the stadium. That belief was quickly dispelled during each home game, however, as the opposing team’s fan base completely took over each and every time. One look at the team’s Twitter account and you would think there were at least 800K people interested in the team, but someone figured out that a large majority of those followers are completely fake.

Just a quick check of the Twitter account and you would notice the extremely low engagement from fans on each post. It’s almost nonexistent.


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