Packers Legend Brett Favre Announces Return to NFL in 2020 and Absolutely Everybody is Confused


Presented without commentary: if you believe the words of Brett Favre, he’s coming back to play in the NFL in 2020.

Not coach in the NFL. Not returning for a one-time-only “chuck a football in this bin and win a fan $1 million” contest. Playing in the NFL, just over a year from now.

We assume the former Green Bay Packers great is kidding around, but there’s also not a shred of goof in this story? Not a shred.

For those counting (and you all better be counting!), the 49-year-old Favre would be turning 51 midway through the 2020 campaign. This better be a typo, sir. This better be XFL-related.

A year after a ridiculous 33:7 TD-to-INT campaign in 2009 that ended with a disastrous NFC Title Game pick, Favre limped to the finish, losing a battle with the icy turf in Minnesota, and throwing for only 11 TDs in a 13-game season. If that’s what he had in the tank the last time we saw him, we’re not enthusiastic for the return.

Though if it’s as a backup/mentor in Vince McMahon’s league, we could warm to it pretty quickly.


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