Patriots Latest Roster Moves Suggest They’re Making a Play for Big-Name WR


More changes have come to the New England Patriots’ wide receiving corps as a couple of cuts have been made, in addition to a move to injured reserve for running back ​Jeremy Hill. Following a 27-20 victory over the Houston Texans, Bill Belichick was back at work, releasing Riley McCarren and Chad Hansen, as well as shutting Hill down for the season.

So the Pats opened up three roster spots and we’re expected to believe that they aren’t conjuring up some sort of deal?

The Patriots haven’t had depth past Julian Edelman (who can’t play for a month because of a suspension) since the beginning of the offseason. Perhaps these cuts to some depth players are for a reason.

Dez Bryant, anyone?

New England also hosted Corey Coleman, a former first-round pick, on Monday. Surely the Pats wouldn’t have released two players at their weakest position and not have a plan to replace them, right? Coleman is clearly in the works for Belichick, and with Bryant in the mix as well? That could get crazy.

And hey, the interest is there on Bryant’s side.

Things could get real scary, real fast in Foxborough.


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