Police Report Claims Richie Incognito Wanted to Cut His Father’s Head Off at Funeral Home


After former NFL guard Richie Incognito was ​arrested at a funeral home on Monday, new reports have surfaced revealing the details of the incident.

They’re quite disturbing.

Incognito’s father passed away unexpectedly on Aug. 18, and after initially signing forms authorizing the cremation of his father’s body, Incognito changed his mind saying that he wanted his father buried in a casket.

Then things took a turn for the worse, as employees at the funeral home said that Incognito “wanted his father’s head cut off for research purposes and that he walked through the funeral home punching caskets and throwing things.”

Definitely must have been a scary moment for the employees at the funeral home, as Incognito reportedly threatened to use guns to get what he wanted.

You certainly feel bad for the Incognito family due to the loss of the elder Incognito, but the former NFL star’s behavior is simply crazy. This is also ​not the only time Incognito has gotten in trouble for aggressive behavior, having been caught in a harassment scandal while on the Miami Dolphins back in 2013.

Certainly an odd situation that continues to get worse as more details are uncovered.


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