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Raiders Linebacker Calls Out Dak Prescott for His Anthem Comments


By calling out players who protest, Dak Prescott put a target right on his back.

Everyone has an opinion about the National Anthem protests in the NFL, but many were surprised as Prescott essentially called out players who were taking a knee, saying it wasn’t the time or venue to do so. You could assume that would ruffle the feathers of some players that are taking a stand, although Tahir Whitehead believes he knows why he said it.

The Raiders’ linebacker blasted Prescott on Twitter, saying he didn’t want to lose his Campbell’s soup deal.

​​The three clown emojis at the end really tell you what he thinks of him.

We’ve seen players take shots at team owners for their stance on the National Anthem protesting, so it’s not surprising that Prescott is catching some heat here. If anything, players should be even angrier that one of their own are bashing the idea.


This is going to be about as far as Whitehead is going to be able to take it. The Cowboys don’t play the Raiders at all this season, so these two will never cross paths on the field.

It would’ve been nice for Whitehead to remember these comments as he was pressuring Prescott, but it’ll just have to be up to another defender to send the message his way.


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