REPORT: Julian Edelman’s PED Test Analyzed for Unknown Substance


​Never count out the Patriots. Just when you think it’s all falling apart, the football gods find a way to provide New England with a sliver of opportunity that they always maximize on their way to a Super Bowl appearance.

The latest installment: Julian Edelman has a slight chance of getting his four-game suspension overturned, as his recently-announced positive PED test is being analyzed for an unknown substance.

When news of Edelman’s results first broke, it was reported that his positive test was a result of the presence of a substance that was not immediately recognizable; experts are currently in the process of determining exactly what it is. For what it’s worth, Edelman himself was ​surprised and confused by the results.

There is a chance that the ​Edelman could get out of his suspension if scientists determine that the substance in question actually does not fall on the NFL’s banned list.

There is not much precedent working in Edelman’s favor here as Richard Sherman is the only player in recent memory to have his PED-related suspension overturned but his was a result of the test collector incorrectly handling his sample.

Even if Edelman misses four games, let’s be realistic here– it’s the Pats. They’ll win at least three of those four opening games, and Edelman’s return will then just be an effectively unfair offensive addition to a team that already possesses the greatest quarterback of all time.


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