Richard Sherman is Getting Destroyed Over His Ill-Advised Tweet


It’s not like it was bad. He’s allowed to be excited for the next phase of his career. But Richard Sherman had to know this was coming.

The new San Francisco 49er ​was on the losing end of a Week 1 date with the Minnesota Vikings. And while his personal performance wasn’t exactly a stinker, the timing and self-awareness probably needed to be better:

By itself, this is kind of innocuous. But don’t tell that to the tweethearts out there, who wasted zero time in dragging Sherman.


Little Derbs with the big burn.

What he said.

​​Tried and true!

For those wondering what happened between Sherman and Vikings receiver Stefon Diggs, here you go:

Yep, that’ll do it.

Chin up, Sherm. You’ll weather this storm.


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