Robert Kraft Pleads Not Guilty to Charges of Soliciting Prostitution


There seems to be an overwhelming ​amount of evidence — including video — connecting Robert Kraft to the massage parlor that acted as a front for an alleged prostitution and human trafficking ring in South Florida. Nevertheless, the ​New England Patriots owner has pleaded not guilty to two misdemeanor counts of first-degree solicitation of prostitution.

Kraft and his legal team are getting ready to fight the charges that the 77-year-old is facing despite the existence of ​documentation which claims that there is video evidence of Kraft being present in the facility and receiving sexual acts in exchange for money.

Law enforcement claims to have ​surveillance footage of Kraft entering the Orchids of Asia massage parlor in Jupiter, Florida on Jan. 19, as well as Jan. 20, the same date of the AFC Championship game. From the footage, documents were released which detail the actions of Kraft in the establishment.

Detailed within those documents were two separate instances of ​Kraft paying employees of the massage parlor in exchange for services of a sexual nature.

Kraft is still adamant that these claims are untrue and is prepared to fight the charges in court. The NFL is conducting an investigation into Kraft and he will likely be penalized by the league as a result of his involvement in this ordeal.

He’s not going down without a fight.


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