TO Offers Lame Excuse for Skipping His Hall of Fame Enshrinement


Terrell Owens, one of the greatest wide receivers ever to do it, is finally headed for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But he’s not taking it the way you might have anticipated. After initially getting snubbed by the voters, T.O. has come out publicly and said that he will skip out on attending the ceremony.

Before his selection this year, Owens was surprisingly passed over twice by the voters, and he understandably wasn’t happy about it. There were mixed opinions around the football world as to whether he deserved to miss out on those first two ballots due to his controversial persona and history of questionable behavior off the field. But the reason he gave for not attending this year’s proceedings don’t cast him in the finest light.

Some surely thought he was simply pushing back against the institution out of anger over being snubbed, but he has now come out and said he is boycotting the ceremony in support of others who have been denied by the Hall in the past.


News also came out that since ​T.O. isn’t attending the ceremony, his name won’t be mentioned at all during the induction ceremony, nor will he be introduced at the annual Gold Jacket Dinner.

Sounds like nobody wants to act like an adult here.

You should be honored to be a Hall of Famer. That isn’t even something you really dream about as a kid. You dream about becoming a pro, but enshrinement is just on a whole other level. To boycott your own ceremony is ridiculous.

​This is just classic T.O. Nothing new from this guy.


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