VIDEO: Baker Mayfield Delivers Incredible Impersonation of Browns GM John Dorsey


Cleveland Browns first-round draft choice Baker Mayfield has already become a fan favorite and his latest skit pretending to be general manager John Dorsey proves that not only is he an awesome quarterback, but he has a great sense of humor and personality as well.

During the last day of training camp, the Browns held a rookie show, where ​Mayfield brought down the house with his stellar impersonation. Not only did he do the voice correctly, he even wore the signature Dorsey sweatshirt, Air Dorsey sneakers and even sat at Dorsey’s desk.

Between the glasses, the gum chewing, the accent and the funny catch phrases, Baker did John Dorsey better than Dorsey could’ve done himself.

“Hello this is John Dorsey,” Mayfield said. “How ya doing’ buddy boy? Playing in the National Football League is a blessing. It’s a privilege. Not many people get to do it. Ya know what I mean, buddy boy? That’s good stuff, huh? Yeah. That’s good stuff. It takes dedication. You know what else takes dedication? Being a Cleveland Brown. See, being a Cleveland Brown is way more than just playing football. It’s about being enough. It’s about coming to work every day with your hard hat and your Air Dorseys, and your sweater. And you strap on those shoes, and you go to work. I do it every day. Don’t be scared.”

I mean come on, he even has the walk down perfectly.

If you’ve seen any episodes of Hard Knocks this season, you’d know that John Dorsey is unique in his outfits and personality and that ​Mayfield knocked it out of the park.

The rookie show might be the best thing that’s ever come out of training camp, just saying.


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