VIDEO: John Elway Says Colin Kaepernick Turned Down Contract Offer From Broncos


The Colin Kaepernick situation just became even more confusing.

After the public generally accepted the narrative Kaepernick received no offers to join an NFL team because his on-field performance couldn’t outweigh the off-the-field distractions, an NFL executive came out with a different story.

Denver Broncos general manager John Elway said the team offered Kaepernick a contract but Kaepernick turned it down.


This is bizarre on a few fronts.

First off, why would Elway wait until now to say this as opposed to months, if not a year, ago? The entire league, and country, could’ve avoided the drama stemming from the claim NFL front offices refused to sign ​Kaepernick because they were either racist or disagreed with his beliefs.

Second, why wouldn’t ​Kaepernick accept this deal? At some point he would’ve needed to accept the reality no one was willing to give him a starting spot, so he could’ve cut his losses and worked for a starting role in Denver. The Broncos had an atrocious QB situation, wide open for Kap.

Either Kaepernick had too much pride to sign on as a backup or he felt he could better make his case and enact worthy social change as a normal citizen, relatively speaking.

Denver may have been the only organization to offer Kaepernick a deal, or we may soon find other organizations coming out of the woodworks since Elway admitted to it.


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