VIDEO: Watch Ryan Shazier Inspire Steelers and Walk Across Field Without a Cane at Training Camp


Less than one year after the tragic on-field injury that left him immobile, ​Ryan Shazier is making absolutely incredible progress. The former star linebacker showed his impressive progress once again on Friday, showing up at Steelers camp to rouse the troops, and walking across the field without assistance to do so.

​​This is just so impressive.

Since the injury against the Bengals, Shazier has ​undergone intense physical therapy daily, and using all his free time to attend Pittsburgh sporting events and rally the city behind the players still on the field, those who try so hard to deliver the city a title in Shazier’s wake.

What stands out about Shazier, beyond how remarkably tragic his sudden fall was, is how he’s embracing the challenge of making a full recovery. While Shazier himself still intends to return to the game he loves someday, we’re just happy to see him stalking the sidelines and bringing his knowledge, positive attitude, and unparalleled drive back to the team.

This is just step one.


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